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"Mac Ace has helped keep my office of Macs, PC's, Parallels, and network running smoothly. Robin's cross-platform expertise is particularly valuable to the operation of our office systems. His ability to diagnose problems remotely has saved us valuable time. We have very few tech emergencies, but Robin has been there to help when needed so we are able to concentrate on our core business."

Dr. Ray Maxwell

"As the CEO of fashion retailer Butch Blum, I wear a lot of hats. One that does not fit my style or my head is the IT department. When I need to upgrade my network system, or If I encounter a problem I can't solve, I call Mac Ace. They never fail to respond promptly to my email or telephone calls. They have become expert in trouble shooting our customized POS software. They have helped me purchase new and rebuilt computers, run network cables, install backup systems, vet the Internet woes that invariably happen and much more all while keeping my small business budget in mind. For the last 5 years, we could not have done business without Mac Ace in ours."

Kay Smith-Blum  |   Owner  |  Butch Blum

"For most small businesses such as mine, technology is great. That is, when it works. For several years, Mac Ace has come to my rescue, unlocking frozen keyboards, finding lost files, installing software, dealing with Internet providers and helping me migrate to better hardware. Their expert help allows LaBrue Communications to fly."

Terry LaBrue  |   Principal  |  LaBrue Communications

"At Children's Trust we depend on Mac Ace for support – they are there each and every time we need them. No matter how complicated or simple, Mac Ace has been our tech support for nearly two years and it has been an absolute pleasure. I regularly recommend Mac Ace to my non-profit and for-profit partners and friends. You can't go wrong by calling them."

Tracy J. Sarich, J.D.  |  Executive Director  |  Children's Trust Foundation

"I have worked with Mac Ace for over 6 years. As it usually happens with technical problems, they are unpredictable. Robin has always been there for me whether it is a presentation, problems with our office systems, or the most simple computer tasks at home. He always answers his phone and there is no problem he cannot tackle. I highly recommend Mac Ace to anyone in need of technical support."

Erika Smith MacDonald, DDS

"I have worked with Mac Ace for twelve years. Even when things are going smoothly, just knowing Mac Ace is available makes my tech world feel more relaxed. All of my hardware and software questions get answered! I appreciate Robin's sense of humor, patience and, more than anything, how smart he is. I've never had an issue that he couldn't fix. How does he do that? When I moved from Seattle I worried that my great support system would disappear. Not so. Remote support is just as great."

Alex duMauriée | Studio 145


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